Thursday, May 19, 2016

Roaring 20s' Party

Pop the bubbly and dance on the tables! Never was a time so glamourous in American history than they 1920s. I think if I could go back in time and visit any era it would be the 20s. So much change during this time.

1920s Flapper cake
1920s Flapper Cake
When I was asked to make a roaring 20s themed cake I was very excited. I looked all over pinterest and saw some really fun and intricate designs. I've always wanted to try to paint on fondant. So I used edible glitter and a little vodka to paint the stripes up the cake. Reminds me of a flapper girl dress with the glitter and sequins. I kept the top of the cake simple and made a flapper headband using a feather and some ribbon from the craft store.

1920s Themed Cake
Roaring 20s Themed Cake
Next I added a strand of pearls and draped it over the cake, again thinking of a flapper girl and all the beaded necklaces they would wear. So glam. This little lady is all dressed up and ready to head to the speakeasies for a good time!

Champagne Themed Cookies
Champagne Themed Cookies
Nothing says a roaring 20s party without champagne. These were for a roaring 22's birthday party,

Roaring 20s Cake Pops
1920's themed cake pops
I had some extra ribbon leftover so I tied them around the tops of the cake pops to add a little flare. I think they turned out pretty dang cute!

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Spring Time Party

I love the first day of Spring - and I am not talking about the day the solstice falls on. I am talking about that bright sunny day here in Seattle where the sun touches you and it feels a little bit warmer, the sun rises a little bit quicker and sets a little bit later.

I love this time of year especially for baking because it is the return of bright pastel colors!
Spring Themed Cake with Gum Paste Mum Toppers
Gum Paste Mum Topper
I made the above cake for my friend's very special grandmother's birthday. It is a lemon cake with raspberry filling...mmm..mmm...I recently took the Wilton cake decorating classes and learned how to make flowers out of gum paste. These little guys took a couple days to make but it definitely paid off. I covered the cake in a thing layer of yellow fondant to give it a clean and finished look. That is something I am still working on...covering cakes in fondant...I know most people dont like the taste of fondant but it doesn't bother me too much and it seems to keep the cake together.

Easter Themed Cookies with Bunnies, Tulips and Daisies
 Easter Cookies
Nothing says spring more than Easter cookies! These are some of my favorite cookies to make. I absolutely love the bunnies and the daisies. And how cute are these spring kitties! I know there is no such thing as a pink cat but we can pretend.

Spring Kitty Cookies
I had a special request also for a birthday party. The lady loved kitties and birdies. So I got a little creative with my cookie cutter inventory to make the birds and the bird house cookies. The bird cookies I made with the number 9 turned on it's side. The bird house is actually just using my gingerbread house shape. Incorporating gray into the cookies is one of my favorite and most versatile colors. I think it tones down the brightness of the cookies.

Bird and Bird House Cookies

Easter Themed Sugar Cookies
Easter Cookies

Spring themed Petit Fours
Lemon Spring Petit Fours

Buttercream Flower Cookies
Buttercream flower cookies
One of my favorite buttercream techniques is making flowers. The pink ruffle flower has to be my favorite and is a popular choice. The blue roses were fun to mess around with. They also look great on top of cupcakes!

Baby Boy Baptism Themed Cookies
Baby Boy Baptism Cookies

Spring Floral Wreath Cake

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Princess Party Themes

What little girl doesn't think she is a princess? That precious age where they run around in play dresses and singing songs like the princess in the movie. My favorite Disney Princess was Belle mainly I think because she looked like me - brown hair and up in a pony tail.

This blog post is dedicated to all the princesses out there from pink, purple and sparkly to frozen elsa's. Let me wave my magic wand and "bippity boppity BOO"

Never has a Disney theme been more popular than the hit movie Frozen. I love watching all the latest Disney movies. I loved Tangled and Brave. Frozen was just o.k to me. It had some weird "Barbie" dialogue as I call know what I mean? That prissy, sissy comment...I don't know maybe it was just me, Olaf is adorable though and I have to admit the plot was not what I was expecting it to end up.
Frozen Themed Birthday Cake
2 tier Frozen Themed Cake
 I have been getting better at my cake styles. I will have to say that fondant can be such a pain but man did I have fun making this cake. I used fondant snowflake plungers to make the accent snowflakes as well as alphabet cutters to make the name - so much easy. Then I laid extra white fondant over the top of the layers to give it the "snow drift" effect. This part was actually tricky that I thought it was going to be. .

Frozen Themed Crown and Snowflake Cookies
Frozen Themed Crown and Snowflake Cookies

Princess Cake Pops
Pink and Purple Princess Cake Pops
Nothing says "girlie" more than a pink and purple princess themed party. I am so lucky to have a Michael's craft store about 5 minutes from my house. I made a venture there and found these adorable Wilton Princess cupcake toppers that would be perfect with the theme. These cake pops might just be my favorite. I dipped them in Wilton Melting Chocolate and then covered them in clear sprinkles (also by wilton) to give them that sparkly look. Next I dabbed a little more chocolate on top to get the crowns to adhere and voila! They turned out perfectly.

Pink and Purple Princess Party Themed Cookies
Pink and Purple Princess Crown and Wand Cookies
Now with the below cake pops, I was curious to see if I could get a little crazy and shape my cake pops. Normally I just so a ball shape because they are easy, but I got to thinking that maybe I could use a small cookie cutter and CUT them into a star shape instead of molding them into a star by hand. It was a little tricky to do and they were a little finicky to dip BUT they WORKED. And again I dipped them in chocolate and covered them in clear sprinkles.

Magic Princess Wand Cake Pops
Princess Wand Cake Pops
Tips with doing this though, have a knife hand. I found the star shape to be too fragile to tap the excess chocolate off. So I used my straight metal spatula (the kind for cakes) and scrapped off the extra chocolate, it took a little bit more time, but it seemed to work well to accentuate the shape. Otherwise they would have been a big blog.

So what little princess do you have at home? What is her favorite princess theme? Oops looks like the clock is striking midnight! Got to go!

Monday, January 11, 2016

Forest Friend Baby Shower Cookies

Happy New Year! A new year and new beginnings. I have made a resolution to try new things with my baking. I am starting by conquering my fear of baking cakes and I will be taking the Wilton Method cake classes starting next week! I am super excited and will be posting pictures of my progress on my facebook page.

Last year I had several request for pink and gold bridal shower cookies. It's fun to see trends like this with treats and I have to say it is one of my favorites. However a new trend has emerged with baby showers...Forest Friends!
Forest Friend Baby Shower Cookies
Forest Friend Baby Shower Cookies

And I LOVE IT! Nothing is more PNW than cute little forest friends and critters! Here are some tester cookies I made for the showers this month and I hope you enjoy them!
Owl Cookies
Owl Cookies
I have several "owl" cookie cutters that I use but this one might be my new favorite. It is so sweet and cute. I like this one more than my other ones especially because it is the perfect mix of fat and fluffy if that makes any sense haha. I can't wait to use this cutter to make valentine's day owls. WHOOOOO LOVES YOU???

fox cookies
Fox Cookies
What's a forest without Mr. Sly Fox. So cute and sneaky at the same time. One of my favorite forest friends but I have to admit I am biased because my dog often gets called a "little fox" so these ones are dedicated to her.

Racoon Cookies

It's not a forest party without Mr. Sneaky Raccoon - always up to no good....probably with his friend the fox! I used the same cookie cutter for Raccoon as the Fox. This is technically a "basic cat face" cookie cutter but it is also very versatile. I love this sequence of the Raccoon because the shifty eyes really captures his personality don't you think?
Forest Friends All Together
I forgot to take a picture of just the squirrels but here they are all together with their forest friends.

Hope you enjoyed the blog post! Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, December 18, 2015

Merry Christmas 2015

HO HO HO! It's that crazy time of year again where we drive ourselves a little mad with all the holiday hustle and bustle. Christmas time is especially busy in my kitchen. This year I almost didn't have enough time to bake for myself and gifts for friends and family! I found time and luckily got it done though! *phew* 

I watched a bunch of TV baking specials this year which is something I typically don't do but I was really inspired and learns A LOT from these fellow bakers. I had no idea what "pate a choux" was ( I do now) or how to make petit fours. 

tacky sweater cookies
Tacky Sweater Cookies
So my New Year's Resolution is to branch out and explore more baking recipes and styles. I also want to concur my free and resistant of cakes so I have signed up for the Wilton Method classes at my local craft store and I actually could not be more excited! 
This year I baked many shapes and designs but probably one of the biggest crowd pleasers are the Tacky Sweater cookies. These cookies are always a big party hit! Especially since ugly sweater parties have become more and more popular every year. 

The hardest part of making these cookies is coming up with all the different designs. I try to channel my inner "tackiness" to come up different ideas for the sweaters. These featured above are just a few of the ones I did. Check my other blog posts for other designs. 

Holiday Cookie Dessert Platter
 Here are some other holiday cookies I made this year. I did a variety of Santa Claus faces, mittens and stockings, snow flakes, snowman and wreaths just to name a few. I have a whole drawer full of cookie cutters dedicated to holidays and christmas is about half of them! 
Holiday Cookie Dessert Platter
Another treat I made for the first time this year was Red Velvet Whoopie Pies! Nothing says "holidays" more than red velvet! I made it from scratch too. Did you know that red velvet has cocoa powder in it? That is what gives it that distinct taste...I did't know that until I made it. These were a party hit too this year. They are small and easy to eat and a perfect mix between cookie and cake. 
Red Velvet Whoopie Pies
Red Velvet Whoopie Pies

And lastly, the dessert I have really been working on this year and trying to perfect are my French Macarons. Man those buggers are little stinkers! They are so delicate and easy to mess up. Luckily I discovered earlier this year the right cookie time for my oven - we bought a house this year which means learning curve with the oven. 
Mini "Mac"
One thing I still struggle with these guys is their size. I for some reason can't get mine to be bigger than a quarter and I would like them to be more like a silver dollar size. Because they are so small, filling them can be quite tricky especially if you want to combined flavors like a chocolate ganache with a raspberry fruit filling.
French Macaron Tower
For this holiday season I made Chocolate Peppermint which I made with the red dye on top of the tower. In the middle a Chocolate Spiked Eggnog which ended up tasting more like straight gingerbread according to my professional taste tester aka my husband - lol. I kind of agree with him though. It was eggnog spiked with rum, anyways that is the flavor in the middle. And lastly I made a apple pie which was my favorite. It had really bits of apple in it and lots of cinnamon yum yum. 

Some other usual suspects made it to the party too. Those were my chocolate and vanilla cake pops and cupcakes. 

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season! See you next year... as they say in show biz...THAT'S A WRAP! 

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Thanksgiving Cookies 2015

I can't believe where this year has gone already and another holiday season is quickly coming upon us. In preparation I made some holiday cookies for thanksgiving. I hope you enjoy them!
Thanksgiving Cookies
Assorted Thanksgiving Cookies

Turkey Cookies
Gobble Gobble Turkey Cookies

Fall Leaves

Thanksgiving Cookies
Thanksgiving Cookies

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Happy Veteran's Day

Today is a very special day for Americans. Today we pay tribute to all the brave men and women who have fought for our freedoms. These individuals give their lives to serve their country and it is important that we give gratitude for their service.

So here is to our Nation's veterans and active military members. Thank you for protecting our country and keeping us safe! We also pay our respects to those who have fallen while serving.

Custom Military Cookies
Custom Military Cookies
I had the opportunity to make some very special cookies for a very special veteran. He is in the Airborne army. When I asked the fiance what that branch does specifically. She told me that he is a paratrooper basically. Which is so impressive to me!

Camouflage Cookies
Camouflage Cookies!
I have several members in my family and friends who have served in the military.

Veteran's Day Cookies
Happy Veteran's Day

God Bless America